The Loft and technology

In the 21st century, technology is everyday more and more present. At the Loft, we try to use it smart 

Fast WiFi

One of the fastest WiFi in town, with 160 Mb/s in download and 25 Mb/s in upload.

Access by QR code

You will receive a QR code by WhatsApp or email to access the Loft during your stay, so that only you are able to open the door.

Automatick door lock

The entrance door locks automatically some seconds after you close it. An extra little step towards your safety.

Pop-up socket

You need to work on the kitchen table? Pull out the pop-up socket and plug your laptop or USB charger.

Smart thermostat

The thermostat can be managed remotely and is set on a standard pleasant temperature. Give it short boosts simply pressing on it.

Gas detector

Two carbon monoxide detector are installed in the Flat and will make noise if there is any danger for your health.

Do you like technology when you travel?