Parking Varese

Parking Varese

This post is a little guide to all our customers coming by car and looking for a parking in Varese. The city centre is pretty small and you do not need a vehicle to tour it. This means that you could just find a long term parking in the city centre and enjoy some nice walks around.

There are not many free parkings in Varese, but generally they are quite cheap. Consider an expense of 6-10€ a day, depending on which parking you choose.

Since 2018, you can use the EasyPark app to pay when leaving your car in the blue lines in the city. We highly recommend using it, because you can modify the leaving time at any point through your app. You can even decide to leave earlier and pay less!

Here is a list of parking spots in Varese, starting with those closer to the Loft.

Via Orrigoni (and neighbour streets)

There are some available public parking spots in the same street of the Loft. You can pay them at the parking metre or through the EasyPark app.
1hr: 1.50€ – 6hr: 5.50€

Le Corti mall
Piazza della Repubblica
1,000 places (covered)
1hr: 1.50€ – Evening: 2€ – Day: 8€

Parking in front of Moreno shop
Viale Milano 5

Metropark Spa
Piazzale Trieste 1
180 places
1hr: 1.50€ – Day: 15€

Parking Piazzale Kennedy
Piazzale Fratelli Kennedy
500 places on non-market days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
50-150 places on market days (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
1hr: 0.80€

Parking Cimone
Via Cimone
80 places

Parking ACI – Via Luini
Via Bernardino Luini 2
50 places
1hr: 1.70€

Parking ACI – Via Lonati
Via Lonati
150 places
1hr: 1.70€

Parcheggio del Ponte
Via del Ponte 8
120 places
Day (08h00-20h00) 2€

Parking Ragazzi del ’99
Piazza Ragazzi del ’99
48 places
1hr: 2€

Autosilo Sempione
Via Marcello Benedetto
150 places (covered)
0.50€ every 20 minutes – Night: 3€